Antioxidanţii = sănătate, tinereţe, frumuseţe

Industria WELLNESS - afacerea de 1000 de miliarde de $ = bunăstare

Antioxidants against the destructive free radicals.

Antioxidants are called the "elixir of youth" because they prevent chronic diseases and slow down the ageing process.

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but we are working continuously to develop our site in English. With providing useful information, we wish to help you to preserve your health, to prevent chronic diseases, and to slow down the aging processes. Until this site will be ready, please visit our company-supported site and you are able to obtain information and data in 30 languages(including English), in 45 countries.

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Pharmanex, if you wish to read about our dietary supplements, or

NuSkin, if you wish to obtain information about our cosmetical products.

Using the dietary supplements of the Pharmanex division you are able to improve your carotenoid antioxidant score, which is a measure of your health status. With the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner, the world's first mesuring tool using Raman tehnology(Nobel price in 1930), you can track your skin carotenoid score for evidence of improved carotenoid antioxidant level and this improvement will change your life. Our weight loss diet products, based on a vaste scientific research, will help you to obtain a perfect BMI and a healthy, young look.
How do you know your supplements are working?

The natural cosmetics of the Nu Skin division, contains only beneficial ingradients do to the philosophy of Nu Skin "all of the good, none of the bad". This primise is embodied in the Nu Skin product formulation philosophy of using clinically validated ingredients in the most innovative ways. This natural cosmetics can help you to stop the ageing process, to target pockets of fat and toxins and smooth the appearence of cellulite. An anti-aging skin therapy system diminishes the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring your skin's youthful tone, texture and vitality.

Nu Skin Enterprises right now is one of the best business opportunity in the world, offering you an Inexpensive Startup with NO RISK, a Turn-Key System, a competitive differentiation. Is an opportunity to build your online business in 45 countries in the whole world.

After clicking Pharmanex or NuSkin, please select the country and you will have a lot of information in your language. For a whole information-set you have to register.

You can register as a simple costumer, but it is more advisable to register as a distributor, because in this case you have the opportunity, without further obligations, to take part in the network marketing(MLM) business offered by NuSkin Enterprises.

From endless possibilities that exist in the world why should you choose NuSkin??

1.Because the NuSkin opportunity fulfils the 5 basic requirement(5 key points) of the modern 21st century Business. Click the 5 Point Presentation to convince yourself.

2.And because we are here to help you to make your own online marketing business for free. Do you know that only 1% of the internet sites are successful, because they don't respect the know-how of this business. Imagine that you can have an international network in 45 countries.

For further questions, request of data or information please E-mail: or contact us by phone: GSM: 00-40-744-567.188, Romtelecom: 00-40-264-484.667 - dr.Fodor Alpár. We can communicate also by Skype or Yahoo Messenger: fodoralpar.

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